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Let us help your business receive the attention it deserves with personalised domain names, website pointers, SMTP gateways and much more. Here at Business Solutions we understand how important it can be to keep in contact with your customers and suppliers. Whether your needs are website hosting, high speed broadband connections or leased lines linking one location to another, we are able to provide you with the individual business solution that will suit your needs.

We now have a range of broadband plans to suit any business from sole traders to multi-national corporate entities. For information on our broadband packages click here.
If you are not sure which broadband plan is right for you contact us to arrange a time to go over your business requirements.

Domain Name Service (DNS)
Domain names allow you to use your company or organisation’s name or brands on the Internet. This makes it easier to locate you on the Internet. The Bluesky domain name is

You can use the Oyster domain name e.g. when you register or you can adopt your own, if you don't already have a registered domain name to use in your email address. [Default]         
Domain of my choice:
no charge
$5.00 annually

Registration $35.00 per domain annually

An alias is an additional email address that is attached to your username. An alias can be used when the email address requested falls short of being registered due to the restrictions on the number or type of characters set for oyster usernames.

A one-off charge of $30.00 applies to each Alias registration.

SMTP Gateway
With SMTP you can allocate many email addresses for your business using the one Internet account.  This is ideal for large businesses like the offshore banks, big retail shops etc.  Note that with SMTP, we send you all the email for your company together and it’s up to you to distribute it to your staff. You will need your own email server and a computer network. Some of the local computer suppliers can help you with your hardware and network needs.

Rate plans
a) Time based charge for usage
b) Service Fee per month, $150.00 irrespective of volume

a) Time based charge for usage
b) Service Fee per month, $150.00 irrespective of volume
Website Hosting
Setup fee $110 (one-off charge)
Disk Usage/Storage Space $20.00 for 30MB
Disk Usage is charged monthly, 3 months after registration date.
Website Pointer
Have your new or current domain point to an existing website.
Setup fee $50 per domain (one-off charge)


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