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Who is O3b Networks?

O3b Networks is a new global satellite technology delivering significantly faster broadband speeds, with performance four times more responsive than traditional satellites. O3b provides a superior broadband service to Bluesky customers.

What is the difference between O3b and traditional satellite services?

O3b’s satellites are just 8000km from the Earth, as opposed to 35,000km like traditional satellites. Because O3b is significantly closer, the latency is also significantly lower – resulting in a superior broadband experience.

What is latency and how does this affect broadband performance?

When referring to broadband connectivity, latency is the amount of time taken for information to be sent from one location to another. The current latency between the Cook Islands and New Zealand is between 550 – 700 milliseconds round trip, on the O3b system it will be less than 150milliseconds round trip; meaning the speed and quality you will receive is 4 x faster and 4 x better.
What kind of experience can we now expect?

Customers can expect the same quality voice and internet services experienced in major developed cities with no long page loading times, no delays, no disconnections. O3b service provides, close to fibre cable speeds.
What applications will now be available?

You can enjoy everything from live streaming, to online gaming to video conferencing – all without delays and disconnection you traditionally experience.

When will the new service be available in the Cook Islands?

We are currently operating the O3b powered high speed internet service via the initial 4 satellites launched in June 2013. O3b launched their second set of 4 satellites in June 2014 which will further improve our service.

For more information on the progress the O3b team are making, please visit their website:


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